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Big techs are surging ahead in customer experience. Is your digital operation supercharged?

When agile revolutionized the software industry years ago, it became mainstream in product development by helping teams deliver code  more quickly and with less waste through shorter cycles, enabling iterative and continuous delivery.

Yet development-driven approaches like agile demand guesswork. Too often, teams are stuck ranking product features in the backlog based on feasibility rather than desirability – are these products truly solving customer problems? How many product leaders have battled with stakeholders over what to prioritize because issues aren’t quantified or they can’t isolate root cause?

CPD instills confidence in your digital operation, and seeks broader participation. For CPD to be successful, the entire digital org – from product, design, UX, dev, ops, VoC, call center, business and executive teams – should be aligned. The more people who understand and practice CPD, the more successful you – and your organization – will become.

So why CPD? Because you need more than just speed. You need a customer-centric approach that lets you iterate with confidence. You have limited resources, so you need a framework that helps you assess the value of product opportunities so you stop wasting time on the wrong ones – and start prioritizing the right ones.


A better and faster way to operate, with alignment and customer empathy at the heart.

To build great digital products, you need not just speed, but the ability to constantly learn and understand your customer — how they use your products and services and their needs — at an organizational level.

But it’s not easy – the organizational barriers to achieving cross-team alignment, speed and customer-obsession are numerous. How can you release code hundreds or thousands of times a day like Google and Netflix?

Continuous Product Design is a cross-team approach to building better digital products faster — based on a shared, quantified, and continuous view of customer signals.

CPD helps your organization detect those high fidelity signals most others are blind to – and go beyond black and white metrics to see shades of grey and color for the first time.

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Welcome to CPD Foundations, a free digital leadership certification in Continuous Product Design. It’s geared for busy enterprise digital leaders like you.


Who it’s for:

  • Digital execs (CDOs/eCommerce heads)
  • UX Leaders
  • Product Leaders
  • CX/VOC leaders
  • Analytics leaders
  • Developers/tech lead
  • IT and digital operations leaders

What you’ll get:

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Internal recognition
  • Training and professional development
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What you’ll learn:

  • Align teams and build products with customers in mind
  • Reduce time to identify opportunities and resolve critical issues
  • Optimize products and experiences to achieve greater value and adoption
  • Boost revenue and reduce costs

Course Details:

  • 15 lessons
  • 15 videos
  • 2 quizzes
  • Approx. 1:00 hour


To deliver great products and achieve cross-team alignment and customer empathy at scale, there are eight practices of CPD you can follow.

You can implement a subset of these practices and even enable them in an imperfect culture, and still see improved business results. But a culture that values teamwork and collaboration, trust, empowerment, and the democratization of knowledge is critical to unleashing the true potential of CPD.

To learn how you can implement these eight practices in your organization, take the CPD Foundations certification.


The following are the Eight Practices of Continuous Product Design:

1 Proactive and automated detection of behavioral and system anomalies

2 Real-time notifications and dashboards linked to the customer experience

3 Integrated 360-degree view of the digital product

4 Continuous quantification of business impacts linked to the customer experience

5 Integrated customer experience viewing throughout the product lifecycle

6 Constant cross-team collaboration with a “single version of truth”

7 Organization-wide enablement and democratization of the data

8 Continuous customer observation across the broader ecosystem

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